Welcome to ICO Kenya!

Intercultural Community Outreach (ICO) Kenya is a volunteer organization in Kenya, Africa, and a project inĀ  Art Outreach Program, an NGO established in 2009. Since then it operates in the area of international volunteering and intercultural learning.

The mission of ICO is to promote the development of a tolerant, inclusive, and open society and the development of an active and responsible attitude towards the world around us. By encouraging and supporting international contacts, understanding, and cooperation, we will be stimulating personal development, social and intercultural learning as well as global understanding through voluntary projects, educational programs, campaigns, and community developments.

ICO organization enables the personal development of our volunteers by giving them rewarding experiences in a spirit of solidarity, respect for differences, sharing, and openness.

Through international collaboration, volunteer work camps, and Medium Term Volunteering (MTV), we create multicultural mutual support at a local level.


  • To have self-sustained communities
  • To have a world where the diverse culture of service creates global understanding, peace, and prosperity.


  • Community development projects initiatives are leading to social-economic prosperity
  • Targeted technical assistance to enhance community capacity, leading to positive empowerment.