There are many areas of need where your help would be more than welcome. Every week, we receive many requests from very needy people asking us to help them with food, school fees, clothing, and other supplies. Here are some of the highlights of the urgent needs that we have:

We also need to provide medicine and food for HIV/AIDS patients. We need refurbished computers for our community schools.

Those are just a few highlights of the needs that we have. Your contribution would really be a blessing to someone. Alternatively, you can contact us and we will direct you on how to send us help.

Material Donations

Organizations or Volunteers who wish to donate clothing or any material to the community folks can send their donations to our address or can contact us for shipping or delivery.

Donations from Volunteers

Volunteers who wish to donate while in Kenya are also welcomed. ICO depends on the generous donations of individuals and businesses, as well as volunteers and sponsors, to help us carry out our work in the communities. Request for bank details by using our Contact Us form.

Please contact us as soon as possible after making your donation. We greatly appreciate any help you can offer!