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Volunteer Work in Kenya

Intercultural community organization (ICO) is an NGO based in Nairobi, Kenya. We are involved with the local community organization in Kenya, where we offer placements for volunteers and interns from all over the world.


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This list of queries are among the most frequently asked questions from prospective volunteers


Where do ico kenya volunteers come from

ICO receives volunteers between 18-70 years from all over the world. ICO volunteers donate their time and money to contribute to the development of deprived communities by uplifting and building positive communities.


Why choose ICO Kenya ?

ICO is committed to finding the best projects in Kenya and to ensuring that you have an incredible volunteer experience.ICO staff will help you find a project that suits your personality and skills, make sure that your trip goes as smoothly as possible, and answer any questions that you have about traveling, projects, or any other concerns that may arise.


Why should I pay to volunteer?

You are not paying for your volunteer work. You are paying for your local accommodation, your meals, airport transfers, and arrangement for the program placement and other arrangements. As a non-religious, non-government agency, we receive 100% of our funding from the volunteer program fees. Volunteer program fees are what allow our organization to continue helping the community.


Can I raise funds for my volunteering expense ?

Yes! You can fundraise for your trip.


When do projects start?

Some ICO projects have specific start dates, but others allow volunteers to start any day year-round. This information can be found on each project page.


How long do projects last?

Our projects last from 1 week to 12 months, depending on the arrangement. You must indicate the length of stay in your initial application.


What vaccinations do I need?

The only vaccination required for entry into Kenya is a vaccination for Yellow Fever and Tetanus, as well as a COVID test. We urge participants to consult a travel doctor at least one month before arriving in Kenya, to discuss any necessary immunizations and for advice on staying healthy while traveling. You can find more information from www.who.int.


Do I need a passport and visa?

Yes, you need a passport, with an expiration that is no less than 6 months from the time of travel. Visa requirements differ by country, based on the length of time and nationality of the volunteer. We shall provide documentation and support for your visa application.


What is the breakdown of my program fee?

    1. Accommodation is provided during the course of your project, either with screened host families or on project sites.
    2. Meals are included in our program fees and are prepared by host families or project coordinators.
    3. Transportation – Whether arranging airport pick-up or providing transportation to project sites, we ensure you get where you need to be.
    4. Project Training – While none of our projects require special skills or previous experience, all programs have orientations to help familiarize you with your volunteer work.
    5. In-Country Support – From the moment you are met at the airport you are part of a team of staff and volunteers in your destination. Our in-country staffs are there to make sure your placement runs smoothly and that you are as effective as you can be during your time with us. They also play an important role in organizing your placement and accommodation before you arrive.

Project Sponsorship – As stated above, our organization is funded 100% through volunteer program fees. A portion of your program fee will be used to sponsor current and future community projects.


Can I arrive before my project start date?

Yes. As long as it is no earlier than 3 days to your project start date and pickup location but, please note: If you arrive earlier than the program start date you will be required to pay $30/night for accommodations including 3 meals/day. Also, there will be a small fee associated with picking you up at the airport due to early arrival.

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Start Your Journey Today And Make Your Mark

We invite you to join any of our amazing programs which embark on the most meaningful volunteer in Kenya programs serving poor communities and children while simultaneously experiencing cross-cultural exchanges and breath-taking journeys to mystic and exotic lands.

Our Mission @ ICO Kenya

ICO conducts successful volunteer programs in Kenya. The foundation of our success lies in our dedication, vision, and working philosophies.

ICO aims to support grassroots projects in Kenya, offering real hope for the poor in rural areas, particularly the needy children, women, and youth projects.

ICO aims to offer international volunteers a unique opportunity for cultural immersion through its uniquely designed program, including international work camp, home-stay, and Eco-tourism.

 international volunteer projects in Ecology

ICO aims to offer international volunteer projects in Ecology and a safe environment that solves issues on environmental protection and preservation.

ICO aims to support the community projects into better living standards and to encourage the local people to have full responsibility for their own initiatives.