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Kenya is the crucible of Africa. With a huge number of cultures and ethnic groups, Kenya offers unique opportunities for Volunteering in the field of education.

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Volunteering in Africa, especially as a teaching staff can be an eye-opening experience to learn about the different people and cultures.

We partner with multiple educational institutes, private and aided schools and  community education programmes  to offer you a wide choice of options in the field of teaching.

It could be nursery education, advance mathematics or imbibing computer learning skills among under privileged children to make them self reliant and employable.

There are many different types of organizations that need volunteers, so there is something for everyone.


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Volunteering in Kenya is rewarding not only because you are helping people in need, but it also provides some unique opportunities for personal growth.

ICO Kenya provides you with the lever to explore the benefits of volunteering in Africa and how it can be an eye-opening experience that will provide you with a new perspective on your own life.

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