Our programs and projects

There are numerous projects for volunteers/Interns and researchers both in the rural and urban areas in Kenya that empower individuals to be agents of change, reach out, and be involved in community members’ own initiatives that help needy people.

ICO volunteers, of different ages and from diverse backgrounds, who make a commitment to serve, at any given time, aims to build the capacity of others and to share different ways of life. They live and work as members of a community at the same economic level as the people they serve.

Our project co-coordinators have experience working with volunteers and in development projects. They are responsible for identifying viable projects and placing volunteers in communities whose needs match the volunteer’s skills and experience. Also, we locate safe and convenient villages and neighborhoods, where our participants are hosted during their service time.

The projects can be undertaken either long term, short term, or in a Work Camp for 3 weeks.

Arts and Creativity

Art Outreach Programme is recruiting skilled and unskilled volunteers who are expected to introduce innovative teaching methodologies, encourage critical thinking and integrate art-related topics with social and economic development to a greater number of children, youths, and young adults from less privileged backgrounds.

A community-based organization with art programs is emerging in our country since access to basic art education is limited while natural talents in the art will always be there. ICO has resolved to build bridges with local and international organizations in promoting and encouraging art programs not only to develop talents but to prove the importance the arts are, to creating and sustaining communities. This organization is also expected to build strong social networks that break economic, racial, physical inability, and ethnic divides.

Orphans and Vulnerable Children homes

Working in a children’s home in Kenya is an opportunity to make an input and create hope in the lives of orphans, destitute, and youth who live in extreme poverty. This program is designed to create an atmosphere where orphaned and vulnerable children can experience the fun and excitement of learning and feel part of the fortunate world to offer them hope in life.

The plight of these kids was caused due to HIV Aids, abuse from parents, abandonment by parents due to poverty, unwanted pregnancy, poverty, and depression, etc.

Areas of responsibility:

  • Social work
  • Counseling
  • Feeding the young kids
  • First aid
  • Playing, creating fun and excitement for the kids
  • Caring and loving the children
  • Teaching and helping with homework

Small Enterprise Development

Due to the poverty levels in Kenya, local people have engaged themselves in small Enterprise development using the locally available human and natural resources. But still, due to constraints, the business people are not able to meet their growth in a manner to sustain them financially.

These constraints are:

  • Low levels of education of operators
  • Poor management
  • Weak marketing skills
  • Inadequate technical knowledge
  • Limited access to markets
  • Lack of information and resources
  • Unreliable infrastructure

ICO, with volunteers, work collaboratively with local counterparts to promote sustainable development in four business areas:

  • Tourism
  • Artisanal Crafts
  • Micro Finance
  • Agriculture

Volunteers are expected to work with small community groups to:

  • Build comprehensive business and management skills
  • Sharpen resource identification and utilization skills
  • Adopt quality control systems and practices
  • Network with external services
  • Provide advice and support to established businesses
  • Develop Youth entrepreneurship programs


This is a great opportunity to gain firsthand experience in teaching if you considering the same as your future career. It gives volunteers an opportunity to share their talents in the teaching profession to impart the same knowledge acquired in their areas of specialization .you will also gain experience within the culture and work environment. Volunteers can teach English, Mathematics, French or German, Arts, music, computer, and other creative activities.

ICO is also involved in many secondary activities in schools. They volunteer to seek funding to build dormitory and classroom blocks, schools and community libraries, school latrines, and painting of schools.

ICO has organized various educational programs for the benefit of both students and community members. ICO also integrates Gender and Youth Development, food security, and HIV/AIDS education and prevention in their development activities.

International Work camp

Work camp participants are of different social-economic, ethnic, religious, and cultural backgrounds.

The objective of the International Work Camp is to empower the participants to ensure their full participation in society as equal and valuable partners. The camp will provide people from various countries to exchange knowledge, share ideas and work together for a common goal.

While doing so the campers will strengthen intercultural dialogue among people of the world and to improve the knowledge of the world issues, they will have a chance to also experience opportunities for self-development, and living and working together in peace while helping the needy communities.

Sample project:

  • Building Eco lodges
  • Rebuilding or repairing classrooms
  • Construction of school toilets
  • Farming
  • Painting schools
  • Environmental

Duration for work camp will be 3 weeks, starting every 8th to 28th of every month.

Send your inquiry to participate in a work camp.

Ecotourism/Community Tourism, Environmental

Kenya is a land that is full of nature’s beauty. The country is also known for its culture, food, rainforest, amazing historical sites, and a variety of wildlife that roams the land.

Increase numbers of people in Kenya are becoming aware of the importance of natural resources, conservation, and of protecting the environment and they have chosen to play a role in direction of social development experience safari

ICO gives volunteers a rewarding and challenging experience that enables you to use your skills where there are undisturbed natural areas and amazing historical cultural features while working to improve the welfare of the local people

Volunteers who like uniting conservation, communities, and sustainable tourism where the local people benefit this is a project for you.

Your work will be:

  • To reward the community members for taking part in the project.
  • Build tour programs
  • Build market strategies
  • Make websites and brochures for the projects
  • To improve the community activities and the environment.
  • To organize the eco-tourist activities that the project does
  • To document information about the site of interest identified by the community
  • To teach English or another foreign language
  • Provide feedback to improve the tourist sites.
  • To contact the travel agencies with which the project has an agreement, to value the work opportunities and the innovation of eco-tourism activities in the community.

Study Tour

ICO study tour programs provide students with a personalized service trip set in the traditional culture and ecology of rural Kenya . We work closely with educators to provide comprehensive study tours that meet specific pedagogical objectives and include cultural highlights of the country at the most competitive price possible.

Our study tour program offers educational and community service trips to schools, universities, and educational institutes for students of all ages and abilities. Experience is the best teacher, and we organize hands-on, student-centered learning activities led by a team of trained Kenyan staff.

We engage students with educational and fun activities that allow them to understand the interrelationships between culture, nature, and human activity. We are committed to education for sustainability and all activities are carefully designed to encourage reflection, critical thinking, and group collaboration. By helping students recognize the links between human activity and the environment, we encourage local, regional, and global citizenship. Understanding and respecting the world helps students to realize their place and responsibility to reduce their impact on the environment.

Our bilingual translators allow students to really engage with the villagers, and assist local guides in highlighting points of interest and explaining the region’s fascinating eco-systems.

Learning Objectives Include:

Study the key cultural, economic, and sustainability issues of these Kenyan communities.

Direct service – understand how service-learning and reciprocal learning works to benefit students as well as communities.

Study the biodiversity and interrelation of the eco-systems in the region including historical sites, beaches, rainforests, coral reefs, and caves

Explore first-hand the interrelation of community development, coastal ecology, natural resource use, and conservation (e.g. traditional livelihoods and culture, tourism, community organizing, and environmental action).
Experiential learning of analytical concepts such as sustainability, gender equity, and community vulnerability/resilience.

Access a community’s knowledge base on disaster management, natural resources, and traditional livelihoods.
Conduct effective scientific and/or sociological field research, surveys, and exchanges in local communities;